Customer Call Center

Customer Call Center

Live dedicated customer call center services with staff specifically trained to handle all issues for our customer’s needs.

The key elements of Customer Call Center are:

Dedicated Friendly Customer Service Representatives

Dedicated Program Toll Free Numbers and Email

Answering Services with pre-recorded voice messages

Fully Manned Work Hours with Extended hours/staff as necessary

Bilingual English-Spanish speakers on site

Access to on-demand Language Line interpreters for clients who require support beyond English and Spanish

TTY/Next Talk services for communicating with hearing impaired clients

Established SLA and Response Times

Customized Scripts

Statistical reports

Web Chat

Database Interfaces


360° approach to customer care:

It’s based on the principle that when customers call us, we want them to know that we will “own” the issue through resolution. Our customers know that we won’t transfer them into a never ending loop of phone calls that puts the burden of resolving it on their backs. We discover the resolution even if it has originated with another business or client entity.

To accomplish this, we train our employees to listen carefully to our clients to understand the issue, then research it and document the resolution in our issue tracking software which allows us to build a knowledge base of questions and answers which support efficient issue resolutions in the future with this or other clients. It also serves as a useful new employee training too

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