SaaS Hosting

SaaS Hosting

Under SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting, Synergy DCS will purchase all hardware and software required to host a SaaS business application. We then configure, maintain, monitor, support, and host the environments to your business needs.

SaaS clients will be charged a monthly subscription fee on a named user basis for the service.

A common SaaS implementation of a business application means implementation of network based commercially available software on a ‘single instance - multiple tenant’ model, hosted in

Highly secure enterprise level architecture

Scalable architecture featuring virtualization

Data management systems featuring Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Access Storage (NAS), Tape Libraries, Data Guard

Redundant architecture with ‘No Single Point of Failure’

Benefits of Saas:

Highly cost effective

Significantly reduces client’s capital investment

Rapid implementation of the solution

Highly scalable architecture that allows horizontal and vertical scaling when business needs with very little lead time

Multiple tenant efficiency

Typical cost points for SaaS Hosting

Number of named users

Potential growth for number of users

Duration of service agreement

SaaS model significantly reduces clients’ capital investment cost and provides same level of flexibility as the colocation model.

Examples of software solutions that can be provided in SaaS model

HP TRIM (Enterprise Document and Records Management)

Microsoft SharePoint (Collaboration and Content Management)

Atlassian JIRA (Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Project Management)

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