What makes us different from all the rest?


We have a team of dedicated professionals that do more than just provide a service; a cohesive team of not just individuals but entire companies that are intent on delivering the best products and services available. We ADD VALUE to your project. We PARTNER WITH our clients because we are committed to having long lasting, long term relationships. Many of our client relationships have lasted for decades; they will attest to CCI’s successes in this area.

Our strategic business partnerships allow us to offer the “best of both worlds” to our clientele. As a small corporation, we are flexible and responsive, focusing personal attention that delivers Beyond the Call® customer service. Our alliances with trusted partners expand and contract as needed while implementing projects cost-effectively.

Think of Chaves and Arikkan as a STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP operating as one company with two divisions:

Together we have decades of EXPERIENCE delivering total solutions that are:


In Production




Within Budjet!



Lots of companies sell Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) software; we offer TOTAL SOLUTIONS. No two agencies are the same. Business practices, legal obligations, budgets, staffing, infrastructure and so many different variables can influence the value any agency can receive from a generic product. This is exactly why we CUSTOMIZE a solution for you. We take the time to analyze the unique needs of our clients and then pair our technology experience with the leading edge Software products to produce a total solution that is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele.

Our TOTAL offering includes

Software procurement and annual renewal / maintenance costs

Hardware procurement and annual renewal / maintenance costs


Implementation Services

Project Management

Business analysis work provided by Certified records managers

Classroom style & Online Training for different levels of users

Data Migration

Custom Work (Interfaces, Training, Configuration, Consulting Services)

Support Services:

Ongoing Training

Building and maintaining Project website and periodic (weekly or bi-weekly news letters)

Online Issue tracking system JIRA powered by Atlassian JIRA

24x7 Help Desk


Project Approach

Teamwork and public-private partnerships drive our business practices. Government is our only FOCUS with the following value added:

A full service team of experts that function as private-public partners.

We set timelines and milestones to reach full implementation on schedule by utilizing MS Project and staffing experienced Project Managers.

Work with you to shift agency investments from capital to operational expenses.

Reduce demands on your IT personnel and eliminate the need for additional staffing.




We offer Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) that is SUCCESSFULLY PROVEN architecture. It has been successfully implemented and running reliably in 20 data centers across the country. This architecture is highly available, scalable, redundant, resilient, and fault tolerant so that it can securely handle any number of concurrent users. This architecture has been used in production mode for 8+ years.

Our security solutions are considered an industry best practice from every standpoint. Unauthorized users are prevented from access in multiple ways and all communications are encrypted. Additionally, intrusion prevention systems, network and appliance sensors, and ongoing monitoring services are constantly inspecting and preventing attacks on the network and system (as opposed to simply identifying and detecting system attacks).

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